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MARIA and I, while we sucked both breasts, we crossed our hands on its shell. I noticed as our friend inserted one of his long fingers and my wife doubled with

pleasure. MARIA, without hesitation, knelt between CRIS's legs, taking her by the ankles, lifted them and separated them, and then slowly buried her huge lock inside

CRIS's vagina. I was incredibly excited, I also knelt and I put my cock in my wife's mouth. Placing one in front of the other, I looked MARIA in the eyes, she brought

her lips to mine and we kissed passionately, closing a glorious triangle.

The situation Squirt Porn was very morbid: my wife for the first time was fucked by two "uncles". I listened as MARIA's formidable testicles struck loudly against her sweat-

drenched buttocks, and I could see how each time she retired, the dark-mouthed limb emerged glowing, varnished by the tide of feminine liquid, dragging her lips into

retreat vaginal red of excitation. His hitting vibrated exhausting, frantic and on. Thick beads of sweat ran down MARIA'S forehead, slid down her breasts and fell on

my wife's body where they joined with those that fell from my chest and with the perspiration of her.

With my cock buried in MARIA's mouth,

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I felt it in my skin as she never ceased to moan and gasp with pleasure. Meanwhile, with my mouth fused with the one of MARIA, I

perceived in the choppy rhythm of his warm breath that the climax was approaching. Finally, my wife pulled my cock out of her mouth to furiously kiss the thick, dark,

sensual lips of the other "girl," a kind of kiss that I knew meant she was having an orgasm. MARIA could not contain herself, she ran into my wife's pussy releasing a

sperm geyser.

I quickly stood up to look at the situation with a better perspective: Asian Xxx Video the mulatto's dark body gleamed, beaded with sweat, glistening with the orange glow of the

evening sun, my wife's legs peeped out, wide open under that body and face, like a sleeping girl, radiating a sense of infinite bliss and peace. When our friend

retired, CRIS turned around, staying face down. I could not resist him, I took his hips, I made him to kneel and I sank my cock to the bottom. He had never felt

anything like it: his little shell dripped with semen from another "man." This new sensation excited me greatly. I felt my limb burn and harden even Best Latina Porn more. I pumped

furiously over and over again, perceiving each stroke as, as my hips crashed against her buttocks, my pubic hair was soaked with the Brazilian's milk that oozed from

the inside of CRIS, MARIA passing one leg over the body of my wife, stood before me. Her oversized hose, bathed by CRIS flow, was in front of my face. I did not

hesitate for a moment, I took it with one hand and put it in the mouth. The mixture of aromas that invaded me was irresistible. The well-known familiar flow of my wife

was mixed with the masculine scent of Squirt Porn the mulatto's sex. It was such an exciting combination that it made me lose sight of the world, to the point that after several

strokes I ran into the orgasmic convulsions that shook CRIS's vagina again.

After bathing in the sea, and we stayed with MARIA for another day, and we went to pick up our daughter from my in-laws without commenting on what happened, but that

night, after bathing and bedding the child, CRIS I came back to do the love of an overexcited way, after which, we promised that one day we would go to see the

spectacle of MARIA
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